Want to bring more passion, pleasure, and creativity to your life?
Your ability to feel, activate, and enliven your sensual source is your ability to live a confident, creative, juicy, and powerful life. 

Codes of wisdom, healing, vitality, and love lie dormant in your body now... waiting for you to show them you care. 

May this e-book be a reclamation of that. 

Inside, you'll find five daily meditative and pleasure practices to take you to your seductive, confident, and absolutely alive self.

You deserve a life of wild love. I can help!
’ You can choose to work on yourself but still leave parts of yourself untouched. With this eBook Carly makes sure you receive the tools you need to heal even the deepest wounds.Touch those dark parts, accept them, and transform them into something far greater than you thought they’d ever become. That is the message of this book."

- Mandy Schut
Health + Self Love Coach
"Hot damn! This book is sexy. I love It!!! So authentic, raw & engaging!!!! Such a pleasure to read, loaded with juicy, valuable, vital info!!!!!"

-Katie Christie
Holistic Health Coach
"Whether you're a woman who's already in the practice of self love or you are just stumbling upon this work, Sensual Self Practice is a FUN way to deepen or begin your self love practice with a sexy, yummy, conscious twist."

- Samantha Lynn
Self Love Coach
"Your ebook makes me excited to go deeper into embodying my sensuality! The practices and techniques are easy, practical and super pleasurable. Every woman needs to read and practice the information you share in this guide!"

-Amber Leitz
Sexuality Coach

"Its juicy and provocative, personal... and yet feels like its written directly to me. The exercises Carly provides are simple and profound. Sensual Self Practice gives us permission to explore our woman-ness, our sensuality and to feel really good about it!"

- Katie LaMonte
"Sensual Self Practice is allowing me to be intimacy... to open into all that I am. I feel a great re-awakened gratitude and rooted re~activation for the loving feminine roots that hold and nurture me."

- Rachelle Anne

I'm Ashae. My mission is to empower awakening souls with feminine ritual so they can become powerful goddess magic in the world. 

I used sensual self practice as a catalyst to heal my body of acne and adrenal fatigue, to create confidence in my message and business, and to attract my beloved into my life. 

I want this, and all the other juicy and creative benefits of sensual self care, for you too! 

Ready to hit the reset on not feeling enough!?

Dive in to some sensual self care.