Source direct access to your power, purpose, and heart
while serving your man into his King.
Let me ask you a question, my love.

Do you feel that going down on your man can be a profound window into pleasure + power...
and yet your BODY still refuses to open, surrender and enjoy?

Do you intend on bringing all your devotion to your partner... 
but then feel repressed, contracted, and controlled when he's inside your mouth?

Do you want to feel powerful currents of love and devotion in the bedroom...
but your relationship triggers keep you from transforming into the embodied erotic muse?

Do you want to put an end to the unconscious struggle and fight with your man?

Sister, we have been programmed to feel disconnected, disgusted, and demeaned...
slutty, dirty, and fucked up if we actually LOVE COCK. Weird, right?

This masterclass is going to change that for you, darling.

Cock worship in confidence is a lost priestess art that can enliven your relationship 
and your connection to the masculine energetic in all of life.

I know you want it. 
I'm Ashae. My mission is to support feminine leaders into even more of their power, pleasure, and orgasmic abundance. 

And I love me some cock worship....

The cock is the physical manifestation of masculine energy.

When you learn how to open your heart, drop your guard, show up in fullness, and receive.. the act of cock worship can literally upgrade your whole entire relationship and life. 

Why? Well, because your radiance outpours and uplifts his power... his power drops down into you... and it becomes a cycle of pleasure, power, and potent love that awakens your deepest most longing heart!!!!!

This. Work. Is. Potent.

When you learn these codes, not only will you get confident AF with your partner... but you'll start literally craving it every day... like a vital nutrient to your life of sensuality, beauty, and bliss.

Spend 2 hours with me for a masterclass recording that will change. your. life.

We are going to blast off into pleasure-land.

This is an emotional time. 
One moment we're wearing masks to get our groceries,
and the next we're yelling in a protest- standing for one of the most important oppressive realities on the planet.

What happens when the world throws us curveballs and emotions are high up in the field?
We throw away pleasure.
We tell ourselves it's selfish.
We put it off, as if it's an ice cream cone we only get if we were good enough girls...

But what if the part of you denying pleasure is the same part of the system we're all fighting to release?

What if tuning in to deep devotional pleasure connected you to your most profound truth, voice, and being?

What if it opened your heart and gave you all the energy in the world?

What if it integrated your emotions and helped you move past the contractions you feel?
What if....

Pleasure is a necessary agent of awakening for our whole planet.

And it's our source back to love.