Want to bring more sensitivity, sensuality, and feeling into your life?
This meditation is my favorite resource I have for you.

It will drop you in to a relaxed state of self love, where nothing else exists but your naturally erotic self.

You will release the shame of pleasure and come alive in your body, softly and sweetly.

Listen in the morning, before bed, or whenever you have space to be alone and sensual with yourself.

We keep it PG, but it'll still get juicy....

I'm Ashae. My mission is to empower awakening souls with feminine ritual so they can become powerful goddess magic in the world. 

It's to allow you to feel the divinity that lives inside of your body.

To let go of comparison and to come home to you.

I hope you find this meditation helpful, useful, and perfect for a self love ritual with you.

Sending all my love...