Tantric ritual, self pleasure practice, somatic integration, + abundance activation
to open your body as a being that can (and will) hold
all the wealth & more.
Module 1: The Pleasure Pathway to Abundance (2 hours)
Rewire your nervous system for overflowing money through sensation 
+ open your emotional capacity to receive.
This module is where you learn how to catch and transform every little bit of lack mentality and survival consciousness.

Pleasure Practice 1:  Money as Pleasure (1.5 hours)

Module 2: The Cycle of Money (2 hours)
When living in the organic nature of life, more money than you know what to do with 
is the only option. Life responds to truth.

Pleasure Practice 2: Money as Nature (1.5 hours)

Module 3: The Vulnerable Command (2 hours)
Let money fuck you... and be the feminine essence 
who welcomes in the divine masculine through money.

Pleasure Practice 3: Money as Love (1.5 hours)

Bonus 1: The Daily Journal Masterclass
Learn my secret manifestation tool that will change EVERYTHING and make your receiving power through the roof.

Bonus 2: The Pleasure Money Method
A somatic practice to help you clear the scarcity from the center of your body.
Module 1, The Pleasure Money Method, OA Journal, Mini Trainings, + 
all Bonus material comes to your email the moment you sign up. 

Module 2 arrives 1 week later.
Module 3... 1 week after that. 

You will receive at least 2 new bonus mini trainings throughout! 

We will have a Telegram thread where you can connect to the ladies on the journey with you + 1 day/month for Q+A through the thread.

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