In Strategy of Effortless Sales... your selling power gets TURNED ON.

This is the program that teaches you the blueprint behind...
"I swear Ashae... you can offer anything... and people will buy it!"

Learn how to apply the social strategy I've used to elevate into a multi 7 figure mentor...
so you can stop second guessing your sale and land your dreamiest clients.
I'm just going to say it flat out: your selling has to be fun, easy, and beautifying... or you won't do it.

You'll flop in and out of success... because you're over there DRAINED by the way you bring people in to your work.

No more.  

It's taken me 6 years of trying everything under the sun to develop my own ridiculously fun and sexy strategy for a multi million dollar coaching business.

2021 was a 3 Million Dollar (in cash!) year... and I did no ads, had no paid followers... it was all social sales.

The selling that happens from person to person, heart to heart.

And this is what I have in this course to teach to you.

How to position yourself and your offer so that its a no brainer. 

How to land your dreamiest of clients.

You will be looking at your phone like - "OMG I had another sale come in!!!!!!" for the rest of however long you want.
10 live calls, previously recorded
Teaching 1: Social Sales + The Angelics of a Sale
Teaching 2: Hot Engagement 
Teaching 3: The Cleanliness of your Offer
Teaching 4: Group, 1-1, and Selling 3 Tiers
Teaching 5: Luscious Launching
Teaching 6: Selling in the DM’s
Teaching 7: Exponential Sales 
Teaching 8: Holding Your Power
"Developing clear strategy to sell group courses, masterminds, and 1-1's (aka anything I want)... has been revolutionary in my business. I know how to launch for wild success, and it's a damn joy! It's fun and it always elevates me as a leader... each time. I love knowing I will have 100's of beautiful soul aligned people inside my spaces... with no question at all. I love that I don't feel tied down to one way... yet I can lean in to the structure that I know works. I'm not more special than you are. I've just been devoted.. to my work, to my service in the world, to my growth as a business owner. You got this, and Strategy of Effortless Sales is the course where your selling power gets TURNED ON."
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