Exuding power and leadership as an online mentor is an art.

An art that makes you trustable, scalable, and magnetic. 

One you must practice day in and day out to take yourself out of the 1-5k/month range and into overflow and beyond.

MetaMentor is best described as a quantum playground for coaches, where you get to come into your sexy sovereign leadership and demand a new reality into being.

You will learn how to attract high paying clients.

You will learn my strategy + energy behind 6 figure launches. 

You will nail your process for 1-1 clients, holding a mastermind container, masterclass success, and large group programs. 

...Getting  the confidence, capacity, and skillset to hold more people, well.
This is a prerecorded course.

Includes 6 Modules:
Module 1: Key Energies of a Wildly Successful Mentor
Module 2: Transmission + Brand
Module 3: Hold More People
Module 4: Masterminds + Group Programs
Module 5: The Mastery of 1-1 Coaching
Module 6: Being the CEO

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My Invitation: Investing in yourself is a glorious leap of trust with your intuition. Feel into this. Be with your heart. Your body. Your knowing. Your next step. Investments always encourage more of our soul IN to our body, but its through being radically present and available to lean in to the hidden, unseen magic behind the show.

My Prayer: This content opens and liberates you to make bold moves in your life!
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