We can learn so much about selling through sex...

The fast, the slow, the intuitive, the dirty, the sweet...

All of sex is coded into a sale.

The way you offer it, ride the waves of it, open to it... 

Sex is a guidepost to launching offers in the world from a place of absolute power.

If you're not running your business the way... you make love...
and if you're not making love like a queen....
this conversation is about to blow your mind.

80-minute recorded masterclass
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My Invitation: Investing in yourself is a glorious leap of trust with your intuition. Feel into this. Be with your heart. Your body. Your knowing. Your next step. Investments always encourage more of our soul IN to our body, but its through being radically present and available to lean in to the hidden, unseen magic behind the show.

My Prayer: This content opens and liberates you to make bold moves in your life!
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