So you want  to surrender, trust your intuition, experience mind-shattering orgasms....

You want to connect to your feminine energy and do business, relationship, and life from the power of She...

"But how?" You ask.

In Embody The Feminine, you'll be taken on a 14 day journey of the feminine. 

Relax and receive transmissions that will help you to experience what the feminine is from the inside out.

It's when you feel her in the body... that's when you become ripe with excitement to bring Her out, everywhere you go.

Your magnetism will get rich in its draw.
Your relationship will explode in love.
Your heart will heal.

If you're a someone who is craving the feeling of the feminine, and you don't know where to start
If you're a feminine practitioner, and you honestly just want a practice space for more of her to come out to play...

Embody The Feminine is right for you!
Woman, man, or whichever gender you fancy... you've got an inner feminine!

When the feminine inside of yourself is expressed, magic and miracles begin to sprout in your life. 

When your feminine energy is in her power...

She's intuitive + trustful, and she receives her sensuality as a gift for personal wholeness.

She experiences emotion without story + she magnetizes through the power of manifestation. 

She undulates in pleasure + she doesn't get distracted by pain.

She lets her partner open her to God.

When your feminine energy is in her wounding...

She reacts, manipulates, hides, and represses her desires.

She can't trust, she blames him, and she can't hear her own inner guidance... resorting in endless 'self help' to try and 'fix herself'.

She gets lost in trying to be perfect, she denies her anger, and she has half asses friendships + partners galore. 

She also hyper-focuses on strategy, creating more resistance and work... but less results.
It's time you experience what it is to be embodied in your feminine energy.

Now... I could teach you about the feminine...

But you just won't find her within you until you experience her first... in your body. 

Each transmission is about 25-45 minutes long.

Includes a transmission + a guided practice.


As a leader, I am holding a lot of space for a lot of people. 

I am generating ideas.
I am guiding. 
I am facilitating. 

And so... my mind can be very active. 

When I intentionally drop in to my feminine, it's like a mini retreat in the middle of the day.

It's a reprieve from work, its the place of healing to my heart, and it's honestly what keeps me going.

So whether you're a feminine leader or someone who's learned to live in their masculine all of life... 

I think it's always a killer time to drop in to the feminine frequency and experience the fulfillment from that place. 

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