At the end of 2022, I was guided to offer a 2 month program 
where participants received an audio lesson every Monday to Friday 
that would align, inspire, and open them.

What I didn't expect: the vulnerability that came from me... the feminine leadership in action...
and how much gold would be inside.

This program is PACKED. 37 audio lessons that are real and raw. 

This isn't just for any CEO. 
It's for the spiritual women, the devoted lovers, the mamas, and the ones who are living for something really big: the internal game.

You get audio codes on everything from integrity to nervous system work to what to do with your biz in those moments when everything seems to fall apart around you. 

Binge them all at once or keep them in your back pocket for whenever you need a little CEO inspo

A peek at the vibes:

There's truly nothing like this offering.
It's not a "follow my perfect plan" anything.
It's an offering from the core.



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Refund Policy: There are no refunds on digital products. 

Disclaimer: We never guarantee or warrant results or increased income. 

My Invitation: Investing in yourself is a glorious leap of trust with your intuition. Feel into this. Be with your heart. Your body. Your knowing. Your next step. Investments always encourage more of our soul IN to our body, but its through being radically present and available to lean in to the hidden, unseen magic behind the show.

My Prayer: This content opens you in ways that impact your relationship to both money and pleasure forever. 
As a leader, I am holding a lot of space for a lot of people. 

I am generating ideas.
I am guiding. 
I am facilitating. 

And so... my mind can be very active. 

When I intentionally drop in to my feminine, it's like a mini retreat in the middle of the day.

It's a reprieve from work, its the place of healing to my heart, and it's honestly what keeps me going.

So whether you're a feminine leader or someone who's learned to live in their masculine all of life... 

I think it's always a killer time to drop in to the feminine frequency and experience the fulfillment from that place. 

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