Binging behaviors, long gone. 

Compulsive eating after a lengthy + stress-inducing day at work, a thing of the past. 

Being haunted by every last calorie, goodbye. 

Body-based worthiness, into the trash can. 

Shitty digestion, see you later. 

A lack of confidence, pleasure, embodiment, and sensual connection- (ha! adios!)

and you can say a huge yummy yes to. . .

Unconditional self love. 
A sweet little balance of intuition and nutrition.  
Your connection with the divine. 
Digestive healing and metabolism boosting. 
Seeing your sensitivity in a whole new way. 
Confidence in your body. 
Empowerment in your life. 
Reconnection in your soul.

I'm going to help you go from 
"I know myself. I feel my divinity. I am calm and collected and feminine around food. I love who I am. I am consciously creating my own life."

A go at your own pace 16-module online course that's waiting for you on the other side of internet-land as we speak.
I'm Ashae. 

Feminine empowerment guide, confidence coach, and sexuality support for sensitive souls. 

I help women let go of insecurities, end binging behaviors, step in to their feminine power, and take exquisite care of body, mind, and spirit.  

I'm also a sex and relationship coach and my life's work is around union and crafting a quantum love.

And I'm about to paradigm shift your relationship to your body and food. 

Become Your Own Guru (+ nutritionist, lover, healer, + more)
The 'diet gurus' don't help you love or understand your inner being. 
Blindly following a crash diet does not help you understand your cravings, your habits, 
or help you feel better about your unique Self.
MODULE 1: Become a fearless foodie

Drop dieting and restriction. Let go of binge eating. Learn how to make intuitive + mindful eating your reality. Why you eat all the food and what to do instead. Understand your cravings. Start listening to your wise body wisdom.

MODULE 2: Create a lifetime of health

Develop a balanced approach to eating well. Let go of dietary dogma. Deepen your digestion. Learn the power of self care rituals and take care of yourself better than ever before. Create a delightful morning routine. Pick up energy-healing, breath-work, and meditative techniques that help you feel sovereign, grounded, and absolutely alive. Get confident in the kitchen.

MODULE 3: See yourself brand new

Form a bond with your true loving self. Awaken the dormant (and often wild, compassionate, and intuitive) parts of you. Understand what self love ACTUALLY looks like. Find presence in your situation. Learn to shift your perception, ASAP! Detox old programming keeping you stuck.

MODULE 4: Practice pleasure + create confidence

Find true pleasure and your sensual self. See your confidence sky-rocket. Embody your body. Learn what to do when you have physical pain… + how to use it for your advantage. Practical solutions to feeling fat. 

"I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and I feel like everything in my life has improved. I used to struggle with insomnia, overeating, social anxiety, poor body image, low energy, procrastination and negative thoughts. Now I’m sleeping like a baby, I only eat when I’m hungry, I am social every week, I appreciate my body just the way it is, I have enough energy to do whatever I want to, I complete every task I set for the day and my future looks a lot brighter! Even people around me are noticing a huge difference in my mood and attitude. And I lost 6 kg without trying!"
Heidi Kriistina
Here's what you can expect to become a master at: 
(maybe you'll even get to teach it to your tribe!)

  • Why you must let go of Good vs. Bad Food​- (and how!)
  • The Root Cause of your Binge Eating
  • How to Stop a Binge in its Tracks
  • Finding Peace with Emotional Eating + Seeing how to Navigate Without Bloating Ruining the Day
  • Why Body Love is The Only Way - And How to Appreciate your Body Now
  • The Power of Slow : In eating and life
  • Become a Master Intuitive Eater and gain Somatic Body Awareness
  • How to Navigate Intuitive Eating with Food Intolerances
  • Why Mindful Eating can Change your whole World: and how
  • Learn to Identify Cravings vs. True Hunger
  • Decode your Cravings + Find Out how to Truly Support your Body 
  • Create Daily Nutritional Commitments that keep you on Track
  • Learn how to enjoy tastes of 'bad' food without overdoing it 
  • Make a Magical Morning Ritual 
  • Creating Sacred Space for Sleep 
  • Learn Natural Nutrition Principles for a Lifetime of Health 
  • The Digestion Secrets Nobody's Talking About 
  • Detox Diet Dogma
  • How to Create Kitchen Confidence + Master High-Vibe Recipes 
  • Understand The 4 Gifts of Imperfection That Make You Enough 
  • Mastering the Mind - Let go of the Stories Keeping you Stuck 
  • How to Practice Radical Acceptance and Act As If- to fall in love with your body now 
  • Step in to Viewpoints of Self that Serve
  • Become a Goddess Creator of Your Emotions
  • Create more feminine pleasure in your life
  • Embody your Sensuality 
  • Learn How to Turn Pain into Power
  • Manifest confidence in who you are 
  • The Embodied Eating Tools you need to eat well with EASE. 
  • Learn to Value your Inner Being - How to Take the Pressure Off your Body

Basically this is your quick-fix (yet lifetime-long healing) 
toward the relationship with your confident Self.
free of food nonsense and yoyo diet effects... 
that you will crave...
again and again...
until you 
heal the root.

And say a generous YES - to all of you. 
After FBP, I actually see myself now… so beautiful, so divine, so open to receive and knowing I deserve the best. The positive growth is coming from within, but the course was the seed and you were the oxygen, to let it grow. I now have so many tools to get me to this divine space. Also: even within losing my hair from chemo, I still feel sexy!!! I used to say, “I can not wait to feel like Virginia again when my hair grows.” That doesn’t cross my mind anymore. I am Virginia NOW. I feel it. I feel sexy. And all these feelings and thoughts are the results of the course.
Virginia Masa


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“For the VERY first time Ashae, I seriously BELIEVE these words. I am crying as I am sending you this note I forgive myself for all the things that I didn’t know then that I know NOW! I feel FREE from shaming my body. I’m enjoying where I am at this moment. I am so HAPPY Ashae! Thank you so much for creating Food Body Peace. Because of YOU, I am reminded that my body is intelligent and she knows what’s BEST for me. I love you so much!”
Anna Joya

welcome to the 

You don't need another diet. 
You don't need a better boyfriend.
You don't need to wait... 

You need to embody yourself now. 

Food Body Peace is your Best Friend +
The Blanket of Truth toward The Real You.
(Free from the food fears and body-hate noise
keeping you small.)
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