Sister with the Priestess Power, 

Repeat after me.

“I am a genius.”

“I am a clear channel.”

“I get paid for my awakening.”

“I am an agent for personal and collective transformation.”

(No really, scroll a second up and repeat. after. me.)

Because let’s be honest-

They are the beliefs you’ve been dying daily to encode.

I see you!!!!!

And that mastery starts right here and right now.

No better time.

For your inner work to come out and be received by many.

For your desires for money and pleasure to be reclaimed, and seen, and felt.

For your business or business-to-be to absolutely thrive.

For you to collapse time and embody who you know you really are.

For your dark and light goddesses to rise hand in hand.

The feminine way.

The feeling way.

The embodied way.
It's a video for all the light-workers and healers giving so much of themselves with little in return.

Do it with me.
I am here to guide... as you lift the collective veil 
& awaken into your money majesty at the very same time.

There is just one obligation: You have to choose to go all the way in.

(And you know what I mean when I say that, love.)

You have to choose to feel, to channel, and to receive.

Day in and Day out.

Even when your excuses and self sabotage patterns come out to play.

Even when your little self claims "you're not good enough, girl."

A new lifestyle. 

A commitment to your source.

A reclamation of your power.

You have to choose to feel the stickiness of the stuck energy in your heart and the part of you in fear.

You have to choose to channel the truth of your story and the taboo you know as real.

You have to choose to receive money, guidance, inspiration, trust, and abundance. 

Again and again.

This is a practical portal for your business 
to vibrate into its heights.

This is an energetic empire for your leadership
to be integral from the inside out.
I’m opening this course because now more than ever, women are craving to know how to do business (effectively) online.

Women... (or let's just say YOU because ahem you are here!)

You want to know how to take your heart and pour it on paper and then make money for it.


I want that for you, too.

You also want to know your greatness and how to translate it.

You want to learn how to let go of the scarcity channels so you can come into your power with money.

You want to learn what it takes to run a successful 6 figure business through relaxation and ease 

(which doesn’t mean there is no discipline and commitment, it just means you drop the stress because you finally GET the simple codes)

I’m opening this course because I have consistent 80-300k months by being me. 

By showing up for my magic. 

By practicing all of the truths inside this course.

Which BTW is the first of its kind! 

30 days of straight wisdom, where you get to put manifestation, embodiment, and strategy principles into action every single day.
  • My 5 most important daily commitments that will move your business forward in a monumental way
  • ​How to know who exactly to serve + how to call in ONLY soulmate clients who GET EXCITED to pay your fuck yes price
  • Balancing your physical body health, vitality, and symptoms with the productivity you need to be a successful entrepreneur 
  • ​How I have a multi six figure business while also tending to scoliosis back pain, hormonal fluctuations, and a mind that tells me "you can't in pain"
  • ​Clearing your resistance to receiving money
  • How to use sex magic to manifest anything you want
  • ​​How to handle your own resistance and fear and simultaneously love up + CLEAR the shadow frequencies holding you back
  • ​Finding your unconscious blocks to abundance and genius... and learning how to play with them... like "hi i see you and you were cute once but bye"
  • ​How to land in blissful clarity for your creations and then launch them with confidence 
  • ​Tools for making your content go viral
  • My enrollment call magic sauce so you feel comfortable getting on calls with your people and selling high ticket
  • Keeping your vibe high even when your manifestation isn't happening RIGHT AWAY LIKE THE MAGICIAN YOU REALLY ARE IN 11D
  • ​How to be vulnerable and transparent while also being an expert at what you do
  • ​Facing the demons of insecurity, shadow, shame, guilt, etc. etc. etc. 
  • ​Earning peoples trust so you never have to worry if people will buy what you offer
  • ​Actual copy strategy for for sales pages that gets your people feeeeeeeelin the feels and sending them into convert-land
  • ​Mastering your voice for posts, comments, stories, DM’s, emails, and sales pages- because guess what? EVERYTHING you write is selling or not....
  • Emotional processing techniques to move through personal drama that keeps you back from showing up 
  • ​Actual sales techniques and skills that convert
  • ​How to be magnetic to the people you want in your programs 
You are a healer, a coach, a teacher, a spiritual activist, a lover, an artist. 

You know you're not made for the regular life with the regular job and a regular relationship.

You've wanted to EXPLODE in your online business many times but the fears creep in.
"Am I good enough?"
"Why would people want to pay me more?"
"Do I have the right certification?"

You know why you are here. Purpose, check. But showing up for the damn thing
- balanced in your masculine and feminine -  coded in abundance and divinity frequency -
 that's where you get mixed up.

You are well aware that you don't have to do it alone.
And you're genuinely excited to join forces and be guided.

You're not afraid to invest in your highest vision because you KNOW that
your vision will be manifest and it will ALL pay off... and well ;)

(and last but def not least)

You are so DOWN and so READY to put in the energetic, emotional, sensual, and financial commitment to your biz.

It is the greatest activating portal of your life.

And you're not willing to sit in your smallness BS anyyyyyyyy longer.



See you inside.


Manifesto + Daily Practices for a Kickass Online Biz
Claiming Your Dark Desire
Calling in Only Soulmate Clients
Befriending Resistance + Self Sabotage
Creating Viral Content
Instagram Magic
Foolproof Your Way Out of Scarcity Consciousness
Getting Over "I'm Not Good Enough"
Creating a Kickass Course
Sales Page Magic Sauce + Selling Without Sales Calls
Pleasure Money Meditation
Unapologetic Foreplay for Launching
Letting Yourself Be There Now
For the Love of Selling
Moon Cycles for Your Biz
Throat Chakra Clearing
Expressed AF + Your DM Voice
Decoding Objections
Feminine Mystery Entrepreneurship
Live Copy Audit
Luscious Launch List
Bedtime Affirmation Meditation
How to Manifest Anything You Want
Releasing Notifications to God
Staying Aligned for Abundance
Energetic Integrity
A True Gift...
Releasing Your Resistance to Receive
Holding More + More Space in the World..
You will have a clear guideline for how to get more people to see and buy your work- and I will tune you in so that you can find YOUR unique way.

You will have transcended your fear of showing all the way up. 

You will have created a new feminine business flow habit that rocks your daily lifestyle world.

You get:

- 30 potent, business-boosting, sexy-vibed codes 
loaded into our online platform, + you have access to it all forever
(yes, 30 ways to grow your biz and make more $$ now bby)
Daily content comes through voice recording, worksheet, and pre-recorded video

- Energetic + Emotional Mastery Tools
that will put you far ahead of anyone in the industry
(*because you will be connected to your soul essence*)

- The Ins + Outs of my Feminine Business
I'm literally sharing with you everything that I can
about the deets of how I got here inside these 30 days

- The Real Deal Strategy
Everyone asks... "Ashae, which course should I take with you 
if I want to learn the strategy behind your business?" 
This one, babe. This one.

- Foreplay Material 

Recorded live, Zoom Q+A calls with prior FCR students



Because babe, you know you've waited for far too long.

Because the online business world is getting busy.

Because telling yourself that you be just "too emotional" or just "too sensitive" is makin you feel sick to your tummy.

Because your physical health is NOT getting better by putting off your dreams.

Because you can’t keep telling yourself that you’re not educated enough.

Because more people need to be in your courses.

Because you deserve to make money for all the personal work you’ve done and continue to do.

Because standing out online is easy once you get the domain..

Because ‘saying yes’ is you committing to your desire.

Because the world needs you now.

Because living a life sans thriving is no longer cutting it.

Because, energy.

Because, alignment.

Because, pleasure.

Just because.

1. You sign up 

2. You get a welcome email + foreplay material + all of the content.

3. You lead yourself, watching whatever intuitively catches your eyes first.

4. You rock it. Your life. Your pussy. Your desire. Your pleasure. Your bank account. Your biz. Your art. 

one last thing. 

some part of me always knew i could get to where i am now.

i was graduating college like... "that regular job thing is NOT for me" and "i'm different" and "i have this wisdom about self love and the universe and health inside.. somehow.. and how do I create a career from this?!"

and so the journey started.


i was blinded to what it would actually take.

i didn't know that by saying NO to the regular life,

i was saying YES to the most courageous, soul-evolving, and self-healing route ever ever everrrrrr.

i didn't know how much human insecurity, ego, shadow, and sensitivity i'd need to face and work with on the regular.

i didn't know my physical symptoms and pains would try to convince me otherwise.

i could not for-see the amount of skill, wisdom, and personal mastery necessary to do the damn thing.

but i see it all for you.

i know what you'll need to face and continually meet.

and we're about to do it together.


Will this course launch again live?
Nope. FCR will never launch again and be taught as the live version.
Is this a special price?
Yes. The price for this course will rise $666 in 1 week from now.
What if I don't have a business yet?
Damn, this course will save you A LOT of time and energy running around trying to do all the things. I literally spent at least a full year on "my business" but it was ACTUALLY a hobby because I wasn't manifesting in real time or showing up the way I really needed to. This course will give you the foundational elements for your online biz, the feminine channeled way. 
What if I already have a business and some clients?
This course will activate you into higher expressions of your genius. It will give you an inside peek at my business and what I do to have consistent 80-300k months. 
Do you offer refunds?
There are NO refunds to this course UNLESS you go through it all, show me all the work you actually do (written material, etc.), and then come to a conclusion that it was somehow ultimately not helpful at all for you. 
Is there a specific business model to follow inside?
I'll be giving you tons of practical tools for what's worked for me, but ultimately you HAVE to do it your own way. If I gave you the perfect little manual, you'd do it for 2 months (maybe! if that!) and then you'd throw it in the garbage saying "this doesn't work!" Guess why. Because this is not a marketing funnel for dog stickers. THIS IS YOUR MOTHER EFFING SOUL WORK. And ultimately, I can't tell you how to do that. 
What if I'm scared to unleash myself online?
GOOD! That means you're in the right place. If you're not a little bit scared to INVEST in your future (emotionally, financially, etc....) I'd say.. you don't belong on this page. You want the fear. It means you're about to up-level into where you're meant to go.