She holds the power she is in the midst of a world who’s forgotten passion, Eros, and erotic delight.

And she says- “Pay attention. I am Goddess. And you… You are God. I remember. Now baby… let’s go.”

Without grudging, shaming, or emasculating his sense of self… she leads them into realms of intimacy they both desire to feel.

Devoted to love, she leads.

Devoted to pleasure, she opens.

For her… and let’s just say you… it’s not about giving up when you’re not met.

It’s about finding inspiration in the longing.

It’s about being so available to play the game of love.

It’s about letting your lover rise.

You are there to showcase and reveal the truth of your heart.

To crack open and love deeper.

To awaken through pleasure.

To speak your truth with grace and play.

To surrender out of the story of separation you’ve chosen for so long.

And you know there is no other way than this: to become the one who leads the love.

The one who initiates intimacy.

The one who invites depth.

The one who stands for nothing less.

The initiatress is you.

But only if you claim her.
Polarity is a dance.

A dance that you can choose to sink in to and watch as your sex life ignites into ravenous delight.

Or a dance you can reject, watching as the passion inside your relationship takes you to trigger and process land where you stay awake for hours in the same old fight.

Most of your relationships flop because you try to get to equality, sameness, and comfort.

But the steamy, hot, conscious, and wildly liberating relationship you crave is not about sameness... its about respecting, admiring, and playing in the erotic field of your differences. 

This is how you evolve into a higher love.

Polarity is the sacred union activator.

And it starts with you.

Your heart. Your openness. Your boundaries. Your commitment.

People often assume that you've gotta do couples work to evolve a relationship.

My truth?

The relationship you have and the lovers you've had in the past are a mirror of YOU.

When you take responsibility for your part in relating... everything changes.

The people you manifest are more evolved, more generous, more mature.
Your current partner starts slowly shifting by way of you.

Because relationship is quantum.

The energy you hold in your body and heart around your partner/the masculine will either repel or attract unconditional love, passion, and depth.

It's simple. 

But it's you making a final choice.

To have what you want.
To start with your part.
To invite intimacy.
To embody love.

To bring healing to the tides of the masculine and feminine once and for all.

To return the power to Self and other.

To play a part in a collective shift into Love itself.

Re-Polarize Your Current/Future Relationship: The true feminine isn’t about wearing lingerie all day and surrendering to what is. She feels fiercely and (unpopular opinion)... she is the lead of love.

Unlock Bedroom Confidence: Throw away techniques and find confidence in the subtlety of pleasure that lives within your body, breath, movement, and feminine essence.

Clear Blockages To Love: Discover the energetic, breath work, and ritual practices that clear resentment and old wounds out of the body so you can replace it all with love.

Harmonize the Trigger Space: I bet you're sick of the toxic patterning that comes after a trigger... right? We will clear this BS keeping lower density codependent relationship patterns alive once and for all. 

Turn Yourself On: Oh the pleasure in feminine devotion… 

Fall in Love with your Power: Your heart knows intimacy and oh it’s time to give yourself back the lock and the key.

Heal Karmic Ties to the Wounded Masculine: Any time you engage in toxic behaviors and codependency, you are re-writing trauma in real time. No more. Time to worship the God in him and let go of the emasculation patterns that keep you both small.

Play with the Pleasure of Inviting Intimacy: Letting him meet you where you want to be met is the greatest gift of all.

8 Modules that were recorded live, 60-90 minutes each 

Guided priestess rituals and embodiment practices that go with each module, 8 total

Micro Practices + Mystery Missions to go with each module, 8 total 

Lifetime access to the content

*This is the self-guided course. Once you join, you have access to everything and it is up to you to dive inside.*

***2 Bonus Live Sessions with Ashae!**
***The modules will be transmissions of the coding... and there will also be energetic activations and clearing practices as well. The priestess rituals are pre-recorded for you to deepen into practice after the live transmission. All are previously recorded, this course is not taught live.***


Feminine Testing Transmission 
Women like to "test" the men in their lives. Underneath it... we are wanting to sense: "Can this man be trusted with my life?" Feminine testing is natural, but it can get women into A LOT of trouble, when they're not with a man who knows how to hold that aspect of her. This training will teach you how to notice your testy energy + bring it in a way thats digestible for your partner to meet. 
+ A Somatic Energy Release Practice for Being Dropped by The Masculine

Nervous Systems in Relationship + The Unconscious Transmission
The Unconscious is everything we don't have access to in regular life: it is where our shadow and our trauma live.
We have to learn how to work with and hold our own unconscious being... so we don't projectile vomit our blame and hurt parts all over a relationship. This training will teach you some of the most paramount shadow work you can do in a relationship... and it will teach you nervous system techniques for you AND your partner. 
The Cock Worship Masterclass
Worshipping your man can bring you into utmost devotion. It can soften all your defenses and open your body to pleasure and love. In this masterclass, you learn my secrets! And no... I won't make you wait!!! You get this right away, when you say yes. 

Initiatress teaches you the lost feminine art of inviting intimacy into the cracks and crevices he cannot see.

It will return to you- power in relating, communicating + confidence in sex.

It will open up for you- bliss in being your most fierce feminine self.

It will awaken into you- LOVE ITSELF. 

I'm really not afraid to say it. Sex is everything to me.

Sex is where I find lost parts of myself, it's where I integrate shadow, it's where I come alive.

No matter how amazing a heart connection relationship is, if the sexual mastery + expansive polarity isn't there... I just can't do it.

Here's why: When I can take myself farther in my own self pleasure practice than my partner can take me in our intimacy... I can't trust him.

It's a deep bodily experience, one I've learned to absolutely trust.

In the past, I'd make my partner wrong. Shame him and hide my own powerful expression in order to keep his ego safe. Not anymore. (And that process-filled trauma-bonded relationship is no longer a part of my choice in life.)

Now, through the exact growing pains I'm here to quantum leap you past... I've learned how to invite powerful ravishment from my partner through play, sexiness, and fun. It lifts both of us higher.

I found my inner Initiatress and she returned the power in relationship to us both.

Do you need to be in a relationship to join Initiatress? 
Absolutely not. This course is about elevating your relationship to your current or future partner. Choosing to join now before in partnership is a devotion to the one that’s coming in… its a clear step in your manifestation of him ;)
Who is Initiatress for? 
Initiatress was made for you if you are a feminine essenced being who desires an empowered, sexy, + conscious relationship with a masculine King.
Who is Initiatress not for? 
Every woman who's not ready to look at her side of relationship. If you want to stay in the vibration of blame, shame, and finger pointing.. projecting, disempowering, and "losing yourself" and your desires in relationship.
What if I don't know if we're meant to break up? 
You'll need this work no matter who your masculine partner is- so... why not start shifting your patterns now?  
Is this course for male/female relationships only? 
This is about polarity in relationships. If you are in a same sex relationship, Initiatress is still for you if you are the primarily feminine partner in your relationship and you want a highly polarized connection.
Are there refunds?
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Is there a live version?
Nope! But this program is jam packed with everything you need to embody Her. 

First, you hit "I'm in" and watch as you get all wet and juiced up investing in your sex life, intimacy, and polarity practice.

Once you join, you have access to everything!

There are embodiment practices and micro practices for each module that you will move with to integrate it all... so we give you a few days in-between to really do the work.

You have lifetime access of the material!


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My Invitation: Investing in yourself is a glorious leap of trust with your intuition. Feel into this. Be with your heart. Your body. Your knowing. Your next step. Investments always encourage more of our soul IN to our body, but its through being radically present and available to lean in to the hidden, unseen magic behind the show.

My Prayer: his content opens and liberates you to make bold moves in your life!