Selling in the DM's is a live training for coaches + leaders...
who are done with sales calls, paid ads, and 'getting it wrong' in the convos
 already happening in DM land.

Get the recording + the live Q+A
I was working with a 1-1 client this week and we spent a whole session going over...

Who she was being + how she was communicating... to her potential clients in the DM's.

I was teaching her the words that stand out, the places she was dropping her power,
and so much more....

And. Her. Life. Changed.

A client even signed up IN THE HOUR of our session... 
(Next level magic!)

I taught her years of sales psychology in one hour.

And it got me thinking...

My business is right around the 2M mark for the year... without one sales call or one paid ad.

It's organic. It's fun. It's gorgeous.

I love selling.

All in the DM's.

And I want to download you with these POWERFUL codes that will help you stand up at the plate of your worth
to do one of my favorite things ever... SELL!

You don't sell to manipulate, you don't sell to prove a point.

You sell to serve.

And it can be ecstatic.

You just have to know how.