my most popular sensuality course is
officially in bundle format for you to 
download + take yourself through!
Babe... this is your permission slip.

You're allowed to live through pleasure and be all-the-way
hot as fuck.

Yep. You are invited to awaken your innate arousal,
unleash your feminine sensual essence, 
become an empowered lover, 
relax into pleasure, 
and envelope your body in love. 

Sister… it is by no coincidence that you made it to this page.

That deep longing within your pussy… that sweet longing within your heart…
it's what drew you here.

The curiosity.. the mystery between your own two legs.. 

(Taking a moment now to offer reverence for your sacred - & sometimes dark and painful - journey that led you to these words.)

Now, love… they told you that the only thing created from down there was… a baby.

And this is the biggest lie that’s kept power, sovereignty, and love from occupying your whole form.

The truth: The awakened, self-loving, and powerful version of you has pleasure coursing through her bones.
She is sexually mother fucking fulfilled.

And she spills all of that juiciness out into the world. #FULLCUP

I want you to know that you are inherently worthy of pleasure, prosperity, and depth.

You get to be expressed in dark + light desire… and all that you are. 

Babe, your pleasured self is your most Whole, Free, and Confident self. Come with me. Let's find her.
SEX GODDESS is self-pleasure intensive
designed to bring you into sexual sovereignty & 
self knowing with your inner most core. 
Arrive into  your unapologetic wild + confident edge in the bedroom and beyond.
Come on an inner journey and mystery school exploration into your most pleasured self.
  • You want to experience more pleasure, deeper orgasms, and strong heart connection in the bedroom and beyond with your lover.
  • ​The yoga, meditation, and journaling exercises are a yes for your soul... but they're not helping you actually love yourself, express your sexuality, and finally turn on the confidence DNA...
  • ​You put your partners desires (for fast sex, no foreplay, etc.) reign over yours; you are often entered before you are ready.
  • ​You sometimes feel nothing while being penetrated and wonder what the hype is for sex.
  • ​If you're in a long-term relationship... you can feel the passion dwindling and sex is getting stale; you're worried your own sexual blocks will really detriment the relationship.
  • If you're single... ​you give yourself away too easily with lovers that don't deserve you and leave you feeling like theres no good, conscious partners out there OR you experience yourself as shy in the bedroom but clingy outside of it with new potentials. 
  • ​You sometimes question whether or not its even a possibility for you to have the relationship you desire... are you better off alone? 
  • ​In the past, you've had a hard time asking for what you want... or even knowing what you want.
  • ​​You've had a "negative body image story"  for what feels like centuries... and you're ready to say peace out... once and for all.
  • You ​feel guilty, bad, or wrong about your sexual desires or the desires of your partner.
  • ​You see sex and self pleasure as sometimes time consuming and burdensome.
  • ​You have some kind of shell covering your fullest feminine sexual expression and you want to RIP IT OFF!
Sound like you? 
Mmmmmyou're in the right place.
Here's the thing:
This is who you are....

A woman relaxed into herself.
A woman, who touches upon the depths of this Universe, in between her own two legs.
A woman who initiates herself into erotic innocence, and then receives a world on the outside in alignment with her embodied Self.

You are the guide.
And your partner is a match for your internal state.

You wouldn't magnetize someone in to your life who rejects your goddess if at some level you weren't rejecting yourself.

What are you trying to teach yourself?
What does your soul desire to learn?

Although we know you want your lover to take you there-
To know what to do-
To blast you up to the cosmos-

Your lover can only do so when you're already taking yourself.

Sexiness is up to you.
Awareness to your pleasure is up to you.
Commitment to feel is up to you.
Nourishing your hormonal aliveness and your erotic arousal is up to you.

Do not wait for someone else to open the doorway.

Take yourself and you will be taken.

-Sophie Kessner: Business Mentor
Sex goddess is the juiciest thing I have ever consumed in my life. I joined this course with intention to fully awaken my inner sex goddess as an attempt to bring more love & passion into my marriage.
I had no idea how much I needed it for my own healing. Sex goddess has allowed me to find that juicy sensual and primal pleasure not only with my partner but within myself, within LIFE. Since taking this course I feel like I have reclaimed my power as a woman. I feel sexier, magnetic, awakened, enlightened and so connected to my purpose here on earth. 

This isn't a surface level sex course. Ashae takes you deep into healing your sexual past and beliefs around pleasure. 
She holds space for you to fully be where you're at on your journey while guiding you into experiencing the wettest, most erotic orgasmic healing & manifestation of YOU.
I've never felt like a coach really SAW me before working with Ashae. With the sex goddess modules and Ashae's soul recognition support, the sex goddess within me felt safe to fully open up & decided to come out and play.
My pussy, my business, my marriage, and my soul are so grateful I said yes to taking this course!
-Lyndsi Mclane: Money Confidence Soulpreneur 
The sex goddess course with Ashae exceeded my expectations. I was hesitant at first because I had recently taken another pleasure intensive. However Sex Goddess was completely out of the world and the content was next level. After Sex Goddess I feel fully expressed with an open throat & heart chakra, yasss. Am clear on what I want in the bedroom & life, and feel empowered AF in owning my sexual (& all) desires. I'm feeling more confident, empowered and sexier than ever before

Ashae is truly a master of her craft and to be in her field during the group coaching call was worth every dollar and then some. 
-Elisa Danielle: Manifestation + Mindset Mentor
I remember what it felt like to want it bad.
I remember that craving collapsing in on me. 

I remember letting that cave of rejection dictate how I felt
and how I talked and how I loved.

And the lover I was was well... a bitch at most.

A woman becomes an angel of masculine upliftment
when she is fucked into her feminine form.

But that doesn't mean it's all their fault you see, 
we circle back to the truth that it starts with you.

Possession and jealousy start fading away
when you are sexually satisfied to your core.

The Eros in you is awakened not only to your lover but to the world.

And you can't be compared when you've awakened
your own unique pathway of erotic bliss.

You are You and that pleasure informs your cells that there is nobody else to be.

Your purity lies in your complete acceptance to the path of pleasure- 
not in denying your 3D form.

clear sexual blocks
open to orgasmic pleasure
enhance your relationship or relationship-to-be
love your body
experience divine lovemaking and expansive sex
alchemize all of your emotions into bliss
step in to your confidence
come home to yourself
  • ​6 Pre-Recorded Training Modules : 45-60 Minute Training Video Recordings. Unlimited replays. (Value= $2000)
  • ​7 Self Pleasure Practice Videos: These are the central focus of our time together. They're the self pleasure practices to help you embody your next level version of activation to your erotic self. They are a committed must! (Value= $1000)
  • ​6 extra lessons on top of the modules (and I add new ones all the time!)
  • ​Everything delivered to your inbox as soon as you sign up
  • Sexual Shame Release Embodiment Practice
  • ​Womb Bath Ceremony
  • ​​Chakra Cleanse Self Pleasure Session
  • ​Vaginal Dearmouring Explanation
  • ​Cervical Ceremony
  • ​Muse Mirror Magic Practice
  • ​Taking the Feminine Union Self Pleasure Practice
  • ​Kissing Workshop
  • ​Clearing Limited Beliefs With Pleasure
Sex goddess reminded me of my playful and erotic essence both in and out of the bedroom. While I have been connected and in tune with my sensuality, I still knew there was MORE to experience through my self pleasure. 

I was able to uncover past traumas that I didn’t even know where stuck in my yoni. 

Ashae shares the highest wisdom and light with ALL things sex and pleasure. 
So grateful I said YES when my soul told me I was ready. 
It takes commitment, openness, and surrender to fully experience all the activations from this course! Have FUN and explore yourself to the fullest!
-Hanna Sheff: Holistic Life Coach
I’d been blocked sexually for the vast majority of my adult life. Enter Ashae. 

I came across Sex Goddess by divine intervention, and I knew I had to jump in. The energy in the space was incredible! With the empowering, and yummy content of the program + Ashae’s spot-on weekly group coaching calls, I moved forward, released, and healed so much, quicker than I imagined possible. Huge needle-mover for me (and my partner)!! 

I now feel a deeper freedom in my body to express my sexual energy more often (whether I’m alone or with my partner or even among girl friends). 

Also my partner has been recently reflecting that he experiences me as yummier, that my radiance has increased, and I’m more receptive to his affection and love!!
-Pamela Hsieh: Transformation Coach
- Own your desire for sex
- Release your sexual programming
- Come into deep body love
- Release sexual insecurities and body distortions
- Release nervous mind chatter while making love
- Practice Vaginal Dearmouring to clear internal pain + How to Clear Negative Beliefs through Orgasm
- Awakening your pussy with breath, touch, and sound
- Re-claim your libido
- The reason you lose your desire for sex and what to do about it
- Learn how to clear your emotional body through pleasure.
- The key to orgasm whenever you wish + staying WET
- My #1 way to experience BREAKTHROUGH self pleasure sessions every single time.
- The keys to receive G-spot and Cervical Orgasms
- Practice the 'Mirror Muse Magic'
- Revamp your sexual chemistry and get the sparks flying
- Learn how to practice being both dominant and submissive
- Stop performing, start unfolding
- Release mistrust of men and surrender to be taken
- Discover whats on the other side of jealousy
- Practice Heart Opening
- Practice my 'Taking the Femme' Self Pleasure Technique for internal Masculine Feminine alignment in you.
- How to tell him when you're ready
- Sharing your desires + fantasies
- Owning your sexual voice
- Awakening your unique dirty talk
- Making consent sexy AF
- Talking about your sexual triggers without being triggered
- Using the throat to open the yoni
- Practice my 'Release and Receive' partner exercise
- Learn techniques for experiencing both sacred lovemaking and kinky sex.
- Get my top tools for cock worship like a goddess... and enjoying every second of it.
- Learn how to use your sexual energy to manifest money and your life.
- Play in a 'Kissing Workshop'
- Practice my 'Chakra Cleanse' Self Pleasure Technique
- Explore your fantasies and meet the places that seem dark.
- Receive more (from money and men) when you meet your pleasure again and again.
- Meet your sexual edge.
- Live fully in your orgasmic aroused state.
- Sex as a creative force for life
- Sexy as a lifestyle
  • ​A surrendered commitment to your own embodied ecstasy.
  • ​A crystal pleasure wand. Use code ANGELSEX here to get 10% off.
  • ​An open mind and heart.
  • ​A journal, to record your bliss.
It trains your body to have cervical orgasms.
Cervical orgasms can be deeper and more blast-offy than clitoral orgasms.

It helps clear negative energy and blocks
that prevent you from your full sexual expression. Crystal energy = healing. 

Better sex.
You'll be training your body to reach climax without the need for clitoral stimulation.
You'll also start becoming extremely aware of what feels good and what doesn't which you get to bring into the bedroom.

  It awakens your goddess frequency.
Working with a crystal inside of your body helps you tune into your beauty, radiance, and feminine essence. You know having a crystal on your desk feels nice because it looks pretty... but take that feeling and bring it inside your body for pleasure and you've got crystal power x10.
Follow your intuition and just say YES. Transformation is waiting on the other side. Deeper love and connection and vulnerability and pleasure is waiting. You will be held in a sacred space and loved into being your highest self. Ashae is pure honesty and devotion to deepening consciousness and stepping up. She doesn’t try to solve or fix, just let you be who you are and guide you to your light. The doors are already there in front of you, she will just help you have the courage to open them. Ashae, thank you for finding your purpose and power and supporting the divine feminine to do the same. ❤️
Ashley Weinstein: Self Love Coach
Sex goddess was one of the most powerful containers I’ve ever had the privilege of being apart of. It allowed me to learn so much about my self, my shadows and experience every single thing that came up with the support of other sisters and Ashae who holds THE SAFEST & MOST POWERFUL container 🔥 No matter what comes up she will guide you in a gentle, loving and clear way. There will be breakthroughs, possibly tears, and SO MUCH growth. I am so grateful to have had this experience with Ashae and other women who are ready to blossom and level up ❤️
Briana Waddell: Holistic Coach
(make your boobies happy)
($97 course)
completely included in the price of Sex Goddess
(Originally $1450)
How does it work?
First, you join of course... 

Next, you get access to a 60-minute "foreplay" video, details and initial practices with the crystal wand. (This is also your cue to order a wand, if you don't have one yet.)

You'll also have access to all of the material, spread out over 6 different Modules.

Go at your own pace, be intuitive with it, and enjoy.

You thrive. You play. You awaken. You love. You sex. You light yourself up! 
I masturbate sometimes. How is this different?
The practices in Sex Goddess are different than regular masturbation because they are a combination of awareness, intention, crystal healing energy, breath, and direct sexual energy movement. What this course is not about is going into fantasy, watching porn, or just 'getting off' to relieve stress. It's intentional, healing, and alchemical. It's you understanding your body. It's releasing the yoni pain body and finding a whole new self pleasure practice through practice and technique. 
Do I need to be in relationship to join?
Nope! Sex Goddess will be equally as important and powerful for you if you are not in a relationship. You will be making love to your own body, and even calling in an aligned relationship by being in this process. You can also easily use the material and wisdom with someone you are dating and sleeping with casually, if thats you. There are no rules. But when you have this stuff BEFORE meeting someone you want to be intimate with, you'll be well on your way fast. 
If I'm in a relationship, can my partner join?
Sex Goddess is for women only. It is not a couples course. I highly recommend you go through the whole thing yourself and work it in to your bedroom and life. Your partner will instantly feel your new vibration just through who you are being and the juicy vibrations you are emitting. 
My partner and I are on the line. We might break up. Should I join?
Yes!!!!!! Sex is the glue that holds a relationship together. When you embody your confident sex goddess, your whole relationship and connection begins to shift... for the best. Don't end a relationship from a place of scarcity and fear. If its coming the end to a relationship, at least do it empowered and embodied in your sensuality and self love. This journey will take you there.
I have some sexual trauma. Should I join?
Although I am not a sexual trauma expert and this course does not promise anything, the wand practices we will be doing are designed to heal the inside of your yoni and help you release pain. From working with clients all around the world as well as with myself, I know that we can individually heal ourselves of said trauma and come back into feeling, pleasure, and expression with our sexuality. The wand is my #1 recommended tool to clear blockages, traumas, and limited beliefs. However, if you want to specifically work on your trauma... this is not the course to do so. I recommend working with someone 1:1 to penetrate into those layers.
I've never used a crystal wand. Should I be scared?
No, girl! I'll get you so comfortable with your wand you will be wondering how you never had one in the first place!
I'm so excited to welcome you into this space, babe!!!

We are about to blast you off into pleasure land... 
ps: wanna chat to make sure SG is all the way perfection for you? send me a PM @ashaesundara on Insta and we can make sure you're 100% yes.