become an energetic match to money 
& magnetize naturally 
what you need & desire.


expand the potency of your pleasure to 
raise your frequency & emit your true essence 


shift out of victim,
take back your role as 'creator',
& radiate your light

  Let me paint the scene....

The alarm goes off.

You hit snooze.

Tossing and turning in bed, you try to squeeze one last moment in your sheets.

You feel guilty, but you grab your phone to check social media first thing.

Susie made $20k last night, Sara just started as a health coach, and Sahara is dancing in her underwear.

And immediately… you start tearing yourself down.

Jealousy courses through your skin, but all you can think of is your to-do list and just moving forward with your day.

Pleasure? You don't have time. 

You want to be successful and solid with money… so you just know you need to just get up and hustle.

Now Imagine....

You wake up in the morning without an alarm. 

Your body melts into the bed sheets you adore. 

A smile sneaks out of your lips as you caress your skin.

You know: "Today is filled with me doing exactly what I came here to do."

You feel relaxed. 

You let your intuition take you into a morning ritual; an embodied feminine practice.

You dance in your room knowing you're exactly where you're meant to be.

You're ready to express your truth.

Your full bank account reminds you that you don't have to do anything you don't want to do.

You feel worthy. Alive. And connected to the whole.

This is not a dream out of reach.

A client of mine cried on the phone just last week when we let her body feel the truth of this reality.

And I know this reality is possible for you, because I live it every day.

I thought I had it all together...

"I'm doing all the right things," I'd remind myself.

Writing blog posts. Scheduling content. Launching offers.

But underneath all of my attempts toward money and service on the outside, there was deep fear and lack of trust on the inside.

I was so afraid of what the world would think.

I was so afraid to ask for money and charge my worth.

Heck, worth…??? I didn't even know how to put a number on it.

It was exhausting.

Self sabotage kicked in.

I'm ready one moment, and then eat my worries away (deeper in) the next.

Finally I figured out that my attempts to "just get it done" were not in alignment with truth and success.

I needed confidence. I needed belief. I needed to muse myself into who I really am.

So, I disowned the scarcity circuits in me and have became allies with the Universal Principles of manifestation, magnetization, and surrendered leadership. 

I let go of the stories about not enough.

My process inside Orgasmic Abundance is a divine feminine reality shift into magical manifestation, pleasurable prosperity, & surrendered leadership.

That means that here, you take back your power. You take back your pleasure. 
You take back your belief in yourself and all of life.

You embody, through practice, the full trust and integration of your ability to to create your desired reality.

You dom tf out of your limited beliefs.

Discover the grace, power, and potency of being WOMAN.

You harness the miracle of your menstrual cycle and use it to generate more.

You rise with women around you and celebrate their success. 

You throw your scarcity and money stress down the drain and replace it with an ability to be penetrated by money (and men.)

You fall in love with your body. 

You touch yourself as the sensual seductress of what you are here to receive.

You free your voice and finally allow yourself to be seen.

You integrate a completely evolved way of being, thinking, moving, and responding to life.

This means… your operating system becomes one of the surrendered, spiritual, orgasmic, worthy woman.

And then you can feel, channel, and receive (abundance)… 
just as you were made to. 

  • You're feeling trapped and like a victim to your money circumstances 
  • ​Even if you've seen some progress in how you are around money, the underlying fear is always there
  • ​You look at your bank account and instantly becoming stressed, worried, and in fear
  • ​You wonder how to break free and into higher heights of abundance 
  • ​You feel disconnected from pleasure and putting sex on the 'weekends only- and maybe' list
  • ​You hit plateaus in your course offerings as a coach and you're always nervous about getting sales
  • ​You charge below your worth
  • ​Feminine intuition and desires are becoming increasingly distrustful
  • ​Hustling to make barely enough to cover your rent is no longer okay for you and you're ready to take a stand for something more
  • ​You tend to sell and do your work with 'making money' as your guide, only to feel empty afterwards
  • ​Hiring coaches to teach you the way to do business success winds up putting you in a soul sucking creation process 
  • ​You spend a lot of your energy in the computer screen, and you want to work less but more effectively
  • ​You feel like you're not fully Living… let alone making love with yourself, your partner, or life itself.

If you're one or many of the above, you're in the right place.

And let me tell you...

You can get to a place where you feel confident manifesting ANYTHING in your life.

That's really what Orgasmic Abundance is about.

Receiving Abundance in all of its forms. 
On your own terms.

Making your own rules.

Doing life from your creator goddess as the Source.

Abundance in: Money. Love. Power. Pleasure. Play. Your values in tact. Health. Community.

Whatever you want.

Because when you let go of the faulty programs, the lower density beliefs, and the way you were taught to do it…miracles happen.


  • ​  Learn the pleasurable manifestation practice that will guide your whole journey.  As soon as you join the program, you have access to this practice along with the 6 embodiment rituals to pair with the practice, which means your abundance starts right away!
  • ​   Meet once a week for your transmission, and go on a deep 1-2 hour journey with us all as we unravel all of the money lies and money secrets toward your success.
  • ​   Learn to free your expression, live from a more authentic and raw place, nourish and thrive in your relationships, create more Eros and passion in your romantic life, and find meaning in the mundane. You will be deeply spiritually guided. And you'll....
  • ​   Put an end to money stress and fear & learn how to let money be a reflection of your inner state.
  • ​   Orgasm your way to success.
  • ​   Raise your frequency and use pleasure to anchor in abundance consciousness.
  • ​  ​Practice a morning ritual that will shift the way you relate to money, pleasure, your emotions, and life itself.
  • ​   Integrate your masculine and feminine energetics and serve through the depth of your purpose.
  • ​   Work and receive money in harmony with your menstrual cycle.
  • ​   Discover the secrets to magnetism and waking up inspired every day.

Here's What You Get...

6 live video calls. (These will be recorded)
& the scheduled dates you will find, below

6 guided embodiment practices to anchor in your manifestations every day

6 workbooks with some of the best journaling questions you'll find
on money, pleasure, and alignment

Foreplay manifestation work you can start on right when you get inside on money, pleasure, and alignment

A private community 
to celebrate your increasing abundance + a safe container for radical honesty

Special reading material 
in alignment with the module of the week

A clear, easy morning ritual 
that will anchor you in abundance every day

Lifetime access to all of the materials

Let me take you Step by Step...

1. You sign up by clicking the link below!

2. You'll get access to the private membership site
where you can begin the foreplay work and start manifesting RIGHT AWAY

3. You sign in to the private Facebook community
and start bragging about your greatness right now

4. You wait eagerly and with deliciously desired devotion
for our start date and first live call on January 7th @12pm MST

5. The following calls will be on January 21st @5pm MST, February 4th @12pm, 
February 18th @5pm, March 3rd @12pm, and March 17th @5pm

6. You relax and receive all that is yours to claim!!!

(Doors close January 7th)

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      Money truly does rule everything that we do.
      When you are at peace with money, you are at peace with life.
      With yourself.
      Your ability to give, be, emanate... and receive in return.

      Remember the popular idea that "money can't buy you happiness"?
      It's led good, spiritual humans down the wrong path.

      Although you don't miraculously become happy when you receive loads of money,
      you do upgrade your ability to serve: as a lover, as a mother, as a coach - all of your archetypes advance.

      Money is a key element in transcending the fear grids laid over life.

      You go from victim of life to creator for life.

      And abundance is yours to claim.

      Will I have the content forever?
      Yes! You get the content + the community forevaaaaaaaaa.....
      Is there a payment plan?
      Yes. Instead of paying in full you have the option to pay 2 smaller monthly installments. However, a $40 finance fee will be added to your total.
      Do you offer refunds?
      I do not.
      What are the dates of the live calls?
      January 7th
      January 14th
      January 21st
      February 4th
      February 11th
      February 18th
      And they will all be recorded.
      Will you be offering this again anytime soon?
      I launch through intuition and desire. So... perhaps. And, perhaps not. If you are feeling the calling, get in now.
      Do I need a yoni egg or wand?
      It is not necessary for this course, however highly encouraged. You can get your yoni toys here with code ANGELSEX for 10% off.
      Will we be using self pleasure and sex inside this course?
      Yes! Get ready!
      What if I have a personal question?
      No problem! Email and my team will answer you ASAP!

      (Doors close January 7th)

      00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


          This world doesn't need saving.

          It needs you, in your abundant truth.

          You, in your pleasure.
          You, relaxed.
          You, in joy.
          You, not worrying about money.

          What this world needs is you serving, sharing, and showing up from inspiration and ease.

          This world needs you to believe in yourself.

          See you inside...

          x - Ashae